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The average visitor is said to spend one and a half hours at the gardens. We arrived fairly early on June 23 2010 and spent three hours taking pictures with three cameras, Nikons D80, D200 and D700 and video with a Canon VIXIA HV30 1080i HD Camcorder. As with all the pictures on this website the video and pictures were taken within the confines of the available weather conditions, light and the allotted time for the visit.

I have always liked the music of composer and arranger Percy Grainger. Country Garden is one of his better known pieces of music. I have chosen his tunes based on folk music to set as a background for my 10 minute video clip of the Butchart Gardens visit. Canadian pianist Marc Anré Hamelin is I think is one of the best interpreters of Percy Grainger music, the background music peices are Shepherds Hay and Jutish Medley. A link to the Hyperion records website has been added where more information about Marc Anré Hamelin and Percy Grainger can be found. The music can also be purchased at a very reasonable price from the site and includes other popular pieces like Irish Tune from County Derry. 

The video and pictures were taken in the sunken garden, rose garden, Japanese garden, Italian garden and the show greenhouse. See the Buchtart Gardens map which is available in the links list for details on the layout of the gardens. 

Video editing was completed using Pinnacle studio ultimate version 12. This is a high 720P definition wmv video requiring a high speed broadband connection to view. A mirror site page will be made available shortly for lower definition versions of the site videos.

An mp4 version of the video can now be viewed on my about me page of my personal blog site. 


Vancouver Island Butshart Gardens Vancouver Island Butchart Gardens Vancouver Island Butchart Gardens

Butchart Show Greenhouse

Butchart Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden Pond

Vancouver Island Butchart Gardens Vancouver Island Butchart Gardens Vancouver Island Butchart Gardens

The Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Italian Garden

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